General informations about the SAL's

  • SAL is an acronym for Stitch Along which actually means that we, the participants stitch one formerly defined design and show the preparation, the progress and the finish to each other. 

  • This blog helps to collect the SAL-s which may be claimed to stitch. You can join this blog here anytime and write your own posts, just ask an invitation from me at divariamento AT gmail DOT com. If you have a blog, please link it to me when requesting the authorization for posting here.

  • There are no strict boundaries, you can choose your own fabric and/or floss, use your creativity, enjoy yourself.

  • All the patterns appearing in this blog are copyrighted, please do not embarrass us or yourself by ask them for free in copy. Designers work so much to present us with their beautiful patterns, respect that, we do so.

  • Please note that the main language of this blog is English, so if it is possible, use this language when posting or commenting.

  • If you are an author, use Labels wisely, do not duplicate, watch for the spelling and the initials when labelling. Please use mostly your name and the actual design's name

  • Please do not change the font type when writing a post, we would like to keep the blog uniformly. 

  • Please whatch your manners, do not hurt anybody's feelings purposely, we are here to have fun and make friends not to make foes :)

  • You can suggest a new SAL anytime. After a poll that design will be the next which gets the most votes. 

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